Thursday, November 3, 2011

Elim Springs Farm - Pasture-raised Chicken Special!!

Hey all..

This is a quickie-post for anyone out there in virtual food land.  I met up with a farmer yesterday to collect Horse & Buggy Produce's eggs. (Which meant a cooler full of around 150 eggs in my car. Ha!)  His name is Rich Hamilton, and he owns Elim Springs Farm in Ford, VA.  He raises pastured beef, poultry, and eggs, and there is a serious special happening today and tomorrow: he is processing several hundred birds between now and Friday evening, and anyone who is willing to drive out to the farm can take home a freshly-processed, non-gmo-fed, bug-eatin, grass-pickin' chicken for $10. Of any size. These birds generally go for nearly $4.00/lb., so this is a pretty significant discount. Happy birds make tasty meat, and his eggs are top-notch. Here's a picture of his happy little chicken tractors:
Elim Springs Farm, Chicken Tractors

The farm is about an hour southwest of Richmond. So its sure to be a gorgeous drive.  So, take off work a little early on Friday, throw the cooler in your back seat, and drive out to Ford.  If you're interested, take a look at his website, and give Rich a call to let him know you're coming. Oh, and if you want to see how chickens are processed, he's welcoming anyone who wants to help. Talk about knowing where your food comes from!

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